Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A movie on order: "The Children of Paradise"

Or "Les Enfants du Paradis". I understand that the usual English title is a mistranslation and that paradis is actually the word for the topmost gallery in French theaters. "The Children of the Peanut Gallery" would not work, I'm sure.

This is one of those movies we fall in love with when we're exposed to finer cinema in our college years (if we were not lucky enough before that). I've seen it a few times on rented tapes since then and thought that it wasn't available on DVD yet. I don't know what made me check Borders' database tonight while I was in the store, but there it was in a fairly new release on the fairly pricey Criterion label. I ordered without hesitation.

The story of the making of the film by a partly Jewish crew in Nazi-occupied Paris is as interesting as the film itself. I first learned the details in Volume II of Roger Ebert's "The Great Movies".

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