Friday, February 20, 2009

guitars; Ives; opera potpourri

A quick note as I'm on my way to work: I almost didn't go to the Duo Transatlantique recital at An die Musik last night, it being a weeknight and I'm anticipating another trip into Baltimore on Saturday night. So glad I went though! The Duo played an engaging program complete with encores, and they have wonderful rapport with their audience. (I hope to write a better post soon with details about the program.)

Once again, a review by the Baltimore Sun's Tim Smith (on his Clef Notes blog) draws me to a Baltimore Symphony concert I've been thinking about. Ives is always interesting. Saint-Saens' Organ Symphony is not one of my favorites, but I was curious to hear how it fares in live performance (and with the Baltimore Opera's James Harp at the organ!). There are two more performances of this program, tonight and tomorrow at the Meyerhoff, but now I'm saving myself for the parade of Italian Baroque and Bel Canto opera at the Peabody Institute tomorrow night.

While I was browsing in An die Musik before last night's recital, I found and purchased a sought-after Ives CD. "An American Journey" on RCA with Michael Tilson Thomas, the San Francisco Symphony, baritone Thomas Hampson and choruses is on Alex Ross's list of recommended recordings of 20th century music in his book.

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