Saturday, February 14, 2009

An Aristocratic Location for Concerts

When I planned this post, I was going to refer to the Garrett-Jacobs Mansion as one of the jewels of Baltimore, and I see that the mansion's own web site designates it as one of the jewels in the crown of Baltimore's historic homes. Some people know the Garrett-Jacobs as the Engineers Club, an organization that resides there. It also serves as a site for events, including concerts. It's nice to go to concerts in "ultramodern" places, like the new Horowitz Center in Columbia, which was the subject of a recent post on this blog, but it seems equally nice to hear and see performances in historic settings with all that ornate, period charm.

As I learned on 91.5 FM, WBJC, yesterday morning, the Concert Artists of Baltimore have a Music at the Mansion series at Garrett-Jacobs. This Sunday at 2:30pm, WBJC's own Jonathan Palevsky and Mark Malinowski will be the readers in CAB's performance of Walton's "Facade". As I heard Palevsky say in his interview with CAB's Artistic Director, Edward Polochik, the concert is likely to sell out.

Luckily, there are other chances during the year to attend a concert in the mansion. An die Musik occasionally holds recitals here, and before the performance you can wander around the mansion's lower floor and goggle at the lovely antique furnishings, carved wood and a spiral staircase with Tiffany skylight.

a link to the Garrett-Jacobs Mansion web site

a virtual tour of the mansion provided by the Engineers Club

Concert Artists of Baltimore web site

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