Tuesday, January 27, 2009

wintry mix; webby mix; Armenians singing in Turkish

We're having what some of the local weathermen call a wintry mix today. We've had snow, and I think we're getting some of Anthony Trollope's "half-frozen abominations". "Wintry mix" always sounds like a box of candy to me, but we know there's nothing sweet about the real thing.

The top of my web page where I view my blog at home looks a little mixed up, so I'm making sure that I can post. If any changes do affect my posting, I at least can afford to leave this blog put until I upgrade.

I have a CD on the player this evening which bears mentioning. I bought this some years ago: "Armenians on 8th Avenue", Crossroads label, released 1996. It's a collection of vintage recordings of various Armenian performers in cabarets on New York's 8th Avenue during the 1940's. What I learned from the album notes is that their repertoire was considered Anatolian music rather than of any particular nationality, and it was customary to sing these songs in Turkish (at least in the Armenian emigre community). The performers include names like Kanuni Garbis, Marko Melkon and "Sugar Mary" Vartanian.

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