Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Vancouver Opera's blogging experiment; Lucia storm; Florez speaks

One of the more interesting comment threads I've seen on a blog recently is this one on Opera Chic. It's about Vancouver Opera's live-blogging experiment during a recent performance of "Carmen". Note that the invited live-bloggers themselves chime in to make some points. I love that photo posted by OC. One commenter makes an apt comparison to the art of Caravaggio.

Noticing with great interest the storm of criticism on other blogs over the Lucia at the Met. Very instructive regarding voice types, suitable roles, possibility of an off-night, etc. (The related post titles in my blog roll have been roiling.)

My own opera news after a fashion: I just want to put in a pitch for the CD attached to Gramophone's February issue. The featured artist in the monthly interview is tenor Juan Diego Florez, talking about Bel Canto composers, Donizetti in particular. At forty minutes, this might be the longest interview yet in this series by Gramophone, but I wouldn't have minded if it had gone on longer. Florez's speaking voice is almost as lovely to hear as his singing voice. (Wonder if he could melt the ice on my front walk this morning, if I play one of Florez's albums outside on a portable player?)

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