Saturday, January 17, 2009

making Texas toast with California sourdough

First, I note that Yellow Barn Music School is scheduled to play at An die Musik in Baltimore tomorrow evening. I've been looking at their information, and I hope to get into Baltimore to hear their performance of Janacek, Schumann and Steven Mackey.

My plans for this long weekend are changing by the hour. I will not make it to HJ at Georgetown, but I must put in a good word about the Davis Center box office and the campus parking authority for quick, helpful responses in a phone message and e-mail. I could not call back to get a ticket because of mundane personal circumstances I won't go into. Tonight's performance is sold out. I'm already searching for reviews to see how things are going with the production.

Any readers in the region already know how cold it is around here now. A quip I heard the other day: "It's cold enough to make you throw shoes at Al Gore." If you want figures, they're getting down in the single digits, Fahrenheit, at night, and the wind chill on some days has made the cold downright polar. (Scant snow is visible on cars in the mornings; possibly some real snowfall is coming soon.)

Thankfully, it is expected to warm up to around the freezing point for Inauguration Day. Preparations for Tuesday's Event indicate that if I can't get into DC to join the crowds, I can watch the ripple effect on the roads out here in the suburbs. I already celebrated in Election Day's long lines and will mention that I voted for Mr. Obama. His beautiful family's time in the White House will be the stuff of opera (more of the good than the bad stuff, I hope).

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