Thursday, January 22, 2009

In the eye of the storm: Inauguration festivities and Hydrogen Jukebox

Briefly, because Ollie the Cat is upset at my blogging on: Inauguration Day traffic was lighter than expected, even lighter than a normal day, in my neck of the suburbs. I think I missed the early rush of people traveling from Baltimore to DC. (If you could have seen the warnings we were getting about traffic that day....) Anyway, apparently a lot of people who made it into DC did not make it to their ultimate destination, and many had trouble getting back out of DC.

After seeing the photographs on the Yugen blog, I regret even more not being able to get to Georgetown for a performance of "Hydrogen Jukebox". Please see Yugen in my blog roll for some striking images from the production and comments from Director Timothy Nelson. It sounds like it was a great show!

Here's a link to the photos of Hydrogen Jukebox on Yugen.

Speaking of the blog roll: That's my main newspaper now. I have enjoyed watching the titles of other bloggers' latest posts related to current events rolling by over the past few days.

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