Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Great Dismal Swamp Canal



In the North Carolina State Park section of the Dismal. A bat flying around above the canal in broad daylight (afternoon of October 13) was a surprise. A friend has suggested red bat (eastern red bat), which he has seen flying during the day. (Click on photos for a larger view.)

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Westwood Unique -- a mini-Savage Mill in western Howard County

Westwood Unique -- For several years now, I've been visiting and exploring this gallery in Glenelg, just off 32 in western Howard County and furnishing my own home with treasures found there. It is a combined antique, second-hand and curiosity shop which also sells some new decorator items such as plant containers. Westwood has developed into a small community of galleries recently, and I pleased one of the gallery owners when I said that it was looking like a mini-Savage Mill at the other end of the county. Some prominent painters and photographer in the county are now represented there. On my latest visit last weekend, Westwood owner Ingrid let me take a few photos. Note that the main building is a former church -- the original stained glass windows could be counted among the county's treasures.


A watercolor of Norwich Cathedral by an English painter which found its way to this side of the Atlantic was a significant find for me: It brought back memories of visiting Norwich with English cousins many years ago as a child. The price tag on it at Westwood was amazingly low, probably because it was acquired by Westwood as part of an estate lot. An artist at the Columbia Artists Gallery near Lake Kittamaqundi replaced the matting material with higher quality, acid-free material for me. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

A jaunt around Lake Kittamaqundi; path progress


Most of these photos were taken yesterday morning. A few are from last weekend. Following are before and after snapshots of one section of the path where it runs between the lake and Little Patuxent River.
Last weekend...

This weekend...

How this part of the path generally looked previously (photo taken a few weeks ago)...

Saturday, September 20, 2014

In the Karri Forest

Around Pemberton, south of Perth, Western Australia, October 1996. Karri is one of several species of Eucalyptus growing only in the southwestern corner of Australia.

A couple of scenes of Bunbury, on the Indian Ocean, where I stopped for the night on the way down from Perth. The trees are North Island pines. (I booked a room in a nice, resort-like hotel overlooking the town.)